D4. was founded with a clear purpose. Together we develop the future energy system: renewable, reliable and affordable. This energy system enables the Netherlands to achieve its climate goals and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 49% in 2030 compared to 1990. These climate goals can only be achieved if we jointly accelerate the pace at which we started the transition.

D4. contributes to this acceleration by initiating and developing sustainable energy projects, but moreover by investing in the development.

With this, D4. addresses a number of important challenges related to the energy transition:

  • (Public) support is a prerequisite for the realisation of sustainable energy projects. Local residents and politics often follow sustainable project development with great interest. Even though the project is of great sustainable value, it still affects people in their immediate environment. It is important to be connected with all these stakeholders in a timely, mature, interactive and competent way. D4. develops sustainable energy projects that are impactful and relevant to its environment.

  • Sustainable energy projects are developed in complex collaborations between different parties. This collaboration is bathed by parties that demonstrate sustainable leadership, take (financial) ownership and commit to the end result. D4. develops projects in which we believe and dare to invest. Here, we stand beside our partners in addressing and realising local energy issues.

  • Dutch (institutional) investors are increasingly willing to invest in the construction and exploitation of good sustainable energy projects. However, they still regard investments in the development as too risky. D4. does invest in that development phase. In this way, we materialise more and faster sustainable initiatives. This leads to more sustainable energy production.

  • Accelerating the energy transition demands project development with focus on ‘key value drivers‘ and a decision-driven development where risks are mitigated. D4. masters this to perfection and uses its network, expertise and experience to accelerate the energy transition.

*Energy system: all components that relate to the production, conversion, storage, delivery and use of energy.


Together we develop the future energy system



Together we develop the future energy system


We believe that The Netherlands is full of good and sustainable ideas and opportunities. To actually realise these and produce renewable energy, we deliver fully developed energy projects. Projects in which we believe and dare to invest. We develop through our D4.approach; with focus on value drivers, risk management and creating support.

Core Values:

Who we are and how we develop is based on our core values: responsible, with guts, in connection and with commitment.