Together we develop the future energy system



We believe that The Netherlands is full of good and sustainable ideas and opportunities. To actually realise these and produce renewable energy, we deliver fully developed energy projects. Projects in which we believe and dare to invest. We develop through our D4.approach; with focus on value drivers, risk management and creating support.


Who we are and how we develop is based on our core values: responsible, with guts, in connection and with commitment.


Accelerating the transition

D4. accelerates the energy transition by initiating, developing and investing in the development of sustainable energy projects. We approach projects from all components in the energy system. A sustainable energy system is our goal, realisation of renewable energy projects is the means to this. D4. focuses on a wide range of projects such as heat networks, geothermal energy, biogas, hydrogen, solar energy, energy storage and the implementation of new technologies.



We initiate to create

We have knowledge and experience from and in the energy sector and a sharp perspective on success factors in project development. This enables D4. to analyse complex energy issues and translate these to new opportunities for sustainable project development.

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We develop to realise

We see sustainable project development as the commercial and risk-bearing initiation, organisation, implementation, financing and coordination of all tasks that are necessary for the realisation of sustainable projects. We develop our projects on the basis of our D4.Approach. This is aimed at creating sustainable value: for our partners, the environment and our own business.

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We invest to accelerate

D4. invests in projects in which we believe. By investing in the project development, we commit ourselves to efficient and successful realisation. We stand beside our partners.

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By focusing on the project development activities that fit the stage that a project finds, we create the highest project value (‘first things first‘). We develop projects in phases and with attention. Therefore, we don’t run blindly towards our final goal. We keep focus on the issues that require attention at that moment to make an informed decision to take the next development step.

Our D4.approach consists of four phases of project development: .Dream .Discover .Develop and .Deliver. Our basic principles in project development are central to this:

  1. Support is a prerequisite: transparent and effective communication and alignment between team, decision makers and stakeholders;

  2. Focus on ‘value drivers‘: The aspects that provide economic and social impact;

  3. Decision driven, not activity driven: As we strive for efficient use of time and resources, we only do the work necessary to make the next decision.

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Projects we are initiating, developing or in which we invest:


Energiecampus Leeuwarden

Biodevelopment Leeuwarden

Soleila rooftop


Michiel Ottevanger

Sustainable Project developer | Co-founder

Sharp look. With vision. And always looking for ‘common ground’, synergy. I find it exciting that so many diverse themes come together in one complex challenge. The social impact, political character, spacial integration and the large technical component make it probably the biggest challenge of my life.

I see a lot of potential for new opportunities and entrepreneurship by analysing the energysystem as a whole. My biggest challenge is to find a ‘common ground‘ for all parties involved in the project development. From a common goal, we jointly develop widely supported energy projects.

I am strategic, inventive, interested, honest and a sailor.



Douwe Faber

Sustainable Project developer | Co-founder

I am an energetic and enthusiastic entrepreneur. I get most energy from initiating and managing sustainable projects to full realisation. I see complexity as a challenge.

I am energetic, enthusiastic, entrepreneurial, proactive, straightforward, open, communicative, and I have a broad experience at management level.




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