Accelerating the transition

D4. accelerates the energy transition by initiating, developing and investing in the development of sustainable energy projects. We approach projects from all components of the energy system. A sustainable energy system is our goal, realisation of renewable energy projects is the means to this. D4. focuses on a wide range of projects such as heat networks, geothermal energy, biogas, hydrogen, solar energy, energy storage and the implementation of new technologies.



We initiate to create

We have knowledge and experience from and in the energy sector and a sharp perspective on success factors in project development. This enables D4. to analyse complex energy issues and translate these to new opportunities for sustainable project development. We generate ideas and draft the ‘opportunity‘ in the .Dream phase of our D4.approach.

Together with its partners, D4. is involved in regional and local developments. We anticipate on provincial and municipal energy transition policies.

If you or one of our partners has initiated a good project, we would be happy to further develop the project together.


We develop to realise

D4. develops sustainable energy projects and thereby responds to a number of important challenges in the energy transition.

We see sustainable project development as the commercial and risk-bearing initiation, organisation, implementation, financing and coordination of all tasks that are necessary for the realisation of sustainable projects.

We develop our projects on the basis of our D4.Approach. This is aimed at creating sustainable value: for our partners, the environment and our own business.

We also join existing development proceses. In these collaborations, we demonstrate sustainable leadership, we take (financial) ownership and we commit ourselves to the end result.


We invest to accelerate

D4. invests in projects in which we believe. By investing in the project development, we commit ourselves to efficient and successful realisation. We stand beside our partners.

D4. gets the ‘license to operate‘ to develop projects, but also takes the ‘responsibility‘ for her actions. By investing and participating in the projects that we develop. ‘Bringing together influence and responsibility’ leads to equal interests and a more streamlined strategy between parties in the project development.




By focusing on the project development activities that fit the stage that a project finds, we create the highest project value (‘first things first‘). We develop projects in phases and with attention. Therefore, we don’t run blindly towards our final goal. We keep focus on the issues that require attention at that moment to make an informed decision to take the next development step.

Our D4.approach consists of four phases of project development: .Dream .Discover .Develop and .Deliver. This focuses on our basic principles in project development:

  1. Support is a prerequisite: transparent and effective communication and alignment between team, decision makers and stakeholders;

  2. Focus on ‘value drivers‘: The aspects that provide economic and social impact;

  3. Decision driven, not activity driven: As we strive for efficient use of time and resources, we only do the work necessary to make the next decision.



In the initiation phase, we analyse the ‘opportunity‘. We define and structure it such that it quickly becomes clear what we want to achieve in the project and what success looks like.

Once we have identified the most important risks and if we have made the business case on the back of an envelope, we know if the project looks promising.

We seek in the .Dream phase for the best partners to develop the project successfully.

If we ‘believe‘ in the project and therefore dare to invest in it, we take the well considered decision to proceed to the .Discover phase together.


In this phase we bring all stakeholders and their interests together. Together we look for the common goal and we ‘shape‘ the opportunity. We explore different sustainable alternatives to reach the most valuable project outcome.

In the .Discover phase we build the business case in more detail, we reduce uncertainties and we quantify project risks.

Together with our partners we design the project development process and we shape the collaboration in this.

We also apply for the first permits and subsidies for the project.

We make a conscious decision to further develop the project in the .Develop phase.


Detailed engineering takes place in the .Develop phase. We prepare the necessary contracts and arrange financing, permits and subsidies.

At the same time, we plan the realisation phase and coordinate all other matters that are necessary for the realisation and exploitation of the sustainable energy project.

In the .Develop phase, we remain in connection with all stakeholders. This requires transparent and effective communication and alignment between team, decision makers and stakeholders.

At the end of the .Develop phase, we take the final investment decision and decide whether the project will actually be realised.


The realisation of the project can now be started. The most important task of D4. is completed. Our partners take over the project and lead the further realisation.

In the .Deliver phase we evaluate the development process and sharpen this for future projects.