Michiel Ottevanger

Co-founder | Sustainable Project Developer

Sharp look. With vision. And always looking for ‘common ground’, synergy. I find it exciting that so many diverse themes come together in one complex challenge. The social impact, political character, spacial integration and the large technical component make it probably the biggest challenge of my life.

I see a lot of potential for new opportunities and entrepreneurship by analysing the energysystem as a whole. My biggest challenge is to find a ‘common ground‘ for all parties involved in the project development. From a common goal, we jointly develop widely supported energy projects.

I am strategic, inventive, interested, honest and a sailor.




Douwe Faber

Co-founder | Sustainable Project Developer

I am an energetic and enthusiastic entrepreneur. I get most energy from initiating and managing sustainable projects to full realisation. I see complexity as a challenge.

I am energetic, enthusiastic, entrepreneurial, proactive, straightforward, open, communicative, and I have a broad experience at management level.




Energie kenniscentrum Leeuwarden

From September we will work in the Energy Knowledge Center Leeuwarden, on the Energy Campus. The Leeuwarden Energy Knowledge Center is circular and gas-free. Biobased materials form the heart of the building. The wall cladding, window frames and the floor and wall construction are made of locally and FSC certified wood. Wood is a light building material and provides temporary storage of CO2. The interior is recycled and refurbished as much as possible. We reuse an old gymnasium floor as floor and PET bottles as acoustic material.